Affiliate repair shops.

Champion Tire and Auto repair

FarrouT ideas have made agreements to complete many of the in shop repairs that need to be completed at Champion tire and Auto repair in N.E. Calgary. 

Together we can complete Out of province inspections for $100.00 plus the cost of any required repairs. It is here that we also complete our wheel alignements & tire work.

You will find their website here.

Honda West

Honda West is the Used car dealer that we have aligned with in order to provide customers who have decided that they can no longer contribute to the repair needs of their current ride or have found they are in need of another car to suit their needs. 

 If you need to contact them be sure to ask for Steve Lancaster or Craig Fruin and BE SURE to tell them you were sent to them by FarrouT in order to get the best deal they can offer.

 You will find their website here.

Southridge Autobody

Southridge autobody repair is a fully licenced and functioning autobody repair shop that has proven time & time again to complete top quality body repairs. They can complete any insurance company repairs as well as writen off inspections. 

 If you need any paint repair work done, be sure to call TONY and tell him Farrout sent you and he will make sure you are taken car of.

you will find their information here.

Varsity Chrysler

Varsity Chrysler is a dealership where I spent much of my career. Any Chrysler warranty work or factory parts that are used is done with them. Their shop is close to our homebase so it is easy to co-ordinate apointments and retreive parts.

You will find their website here.

Universal Ford

Universal Ford is the Ford dealer we use to provide Ford warranty work and factory parts as they are close to our honmebaseso it is easy to co-ordinate appointments and retrieve parts.

You will find their website here.

CMP Chevrolet

CMP Chevrolet provides good service and is who we used to complete GM warranty work & factory parts. Their parts department is well stocked & and the counter staff are very personable.

You will find their website here.