Who Exactly IS FarrouT

Dale Farr

Maybe we've met, I'm Dale. I have spent my life learning the automotive bussiness.  I have found todays automotive repair industry has forgotten something. To have a bussiness that is truely STRONG and will last you have to build it with friends that appreciate your time NOT customers looking for a deal. The average auto owner is NOT made of money so why hold their car randsome in order to fix it.    You likely don't know a Licenced technician that is willing to come to YOU or where your car might be and find a solution to the cause of your issue.    I have over 30 years experience repairing all sorts of machines and focused on cars in 1990. I graduated at the top of my class in 1994 and have since spent ALL my time mastering my craft. Training and experience truely does make a difference and while training gets you started it offers you an oportunity to gather experience & THAT is what REALLY makes the difference in repairing your ride rather than throwing parts at it untill it is fixed.

What do we do?

If your ride is tired and needs some TLC FarrouT Farr can help you out with that too. He has been in the industry for over 35 years and has seen it all. Having built a business over this period of time we have a welth of contacts at our disposal to utilize.  We are AMVIC and Calgary city licenced mobile repair business. Through our ofiliates we are also able to offer Alberta Out of Privince inspections for $100 as well as tire work & alignments.   We work on all Makes nd models aand will also lookk into marine & motorscyle repairs if you have something need looked at.

What else do you need

We offer small town service & recognition.

   Low overhead & no need to advertise keeps the cost low. The friendly recognition & empathy will assure you that you are getting top quality parts & repairs for a fraction of the price you would pay where the technicians are paid to sell parts and labor in order lncrease the botom line. whatever your need, advise to major overhaul we are here to lead you through so you can relax and leave the worry behind.