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Your best stop to find any new & exciting ideas that may change your life.... Or at least intrigue you to consider what is possible.   Stop by often to stay up to date on the latest developments in the inovation world as we search out the most useful or interesting invetions as they are made available. 

 Also be sure watch the Racing team as they compete throughout the year & the results & pictures are posted.

Whats this all about

Its ALL about Family. From the moment we are born untill the last breath we take in, we spend our lives finding ways to enjoy the enviroment around us. When we are confronted by obsticles we devote ourselves to finding ways to overcome them. So it has been since the dawn of time & that is how it will be untill the end of time. 

 We, in the FarrouT Family are devoted to finding ways to make your and our lives better. There is an over abundance inovative new and exciting discoveries out there and we do our best to find the ones we find the most interesting and useful and present them to you here.     

  The ones we believe are the best & most usefull will be made available right here on this site. So stay tuned and check back often to see whats new. Right now there are a number of new products coming to the market in just a few weeks & they are quite interesting. Watch the "Whats new" page for snippets if new products we are researching to see if we feel they are "Worthy" of your time & HARD EARNED money!!

What do we do

If your ride is tired and needs some TLC FarrouT Farr can help you out with that too. He has been in the industry for over 35 years and has seen it all. Having built a business over this period of time we have a welth of contacts at our disposal to utilize.

We are AMVIC and Calgary city licenced mobile repair business. Through our ofiliates we are also able to offer Alberta Out of Privince inspections for $100 as well as tire work & alignments. 

We work on all Makes nd models aand will also lookk into marine & motorscyle repairs if you have something need looked at. 

A little more information

Coming events

There will be something hapening before you know it.

Some people like to talk a lot!

Wendy raves;

Dale is awesome! He has been helping us keep our old vans running for the last couple years and does great work. He’s honest, flexible and reasonably priced. We highly recommend him!

Carla says;

  This morning all gauges stopped working on my car and I had Dale's phone number already in my phone. Although we held up traffic during morning rush hour, we did manage to have a tow truck in no time. AND Dale had the car up and running within 1.5 hours. Thank You Dale!

Recommended by Rafa;

 Excellent work. My car runs great. Would highly recommend.

Big deal!

This month will bring spring into Alberta. That means winter tires need to be changed, washer fluid can now be switched to bug remover. The lights need to be checked since they have been overworked for the last 4 months. Your alternator, battery & Air conditioning all could be weak. 

Mention this coment and recieve 10% off parts & labor for your next service invoice.

Big news

We have a new website!!!! Check it out!

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